2023 Fall Webinar Series

Monday 9/25/23          What First Year Child Care Providers Need to Know

Tuesday 9/26/23            What is an LLC?                                                                   Play Back Now

Wednesday 9/27/23     Top 10 Record Keeping Tips                                               Play Back Now

Monday 10/2/23             Income                                                                                  Play Back Now

Wednesday 10/4/23       Expenses                                                                               Play Back Now

Monday 10/16/23           Deep Dive: Business Expenses

Wednesday 10/18/23     Deep Dive: Food Program

Monday 10/23/23           Deep Dive: Hiring Your Own Children and Payroll

Wednesday 10/25/23     Deep Dive: Business Use of the Home

Monday 10/30/23           Deep Dive: Depreciation

Wednesday 11/1/23        Retirement Planning

Monday 11/6/23              Charitable Contributions